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Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Massages on Muscle Tension

Massage Therapy: A Solution for Reducing Muscle Tension Just as it reduces problems related to sleep and anxiety, massage therapy offers a solution for reducing muscle tension.

Use Massage Therapy to Reduce Your Muscle Tension If you are accustomed to lifting heavy loads, bad posture, and improper movements, you have already felt or will soon feel the need to seek a massage to reduce tension in your muscles.

Muscle tension is very common. It manifests as cramps, muscle pain, diffuse discomfort, or even joint pain, which can lead to persistent pain. It can affect one or several muscles at the same time, often targeting the back muscles. Muscle tension is actually caused by poor local blood circulation which directly impacts the muscles and the fascial membranes surrounding the muscles. In this case, the fascia loses its flexibility and elasticity.

Massage Therapy Solutions for Reducing Muscle Tension Massage therapy provides both preventive and curative solutions to muscle tension issues.

In cases of muscle tension, massage therapy is a specialized technique that focuses particularly on specific areas of the body. The main functions of therapeutic massage in this context are:

  • Elimination of tension in joints and muscles;
  • Through deep massages, the massage therapist stimulates the musculature, allowing better blood circulation in the muscles;
  • Enables tissue mobilization;
  • Restores mobility to your joints;
  • Relieves pain caused by poor posture, repetitive movements, or a sports injury;
  • Releases trigger points (painful points, knots, located in the muscles).

Appropriate Massage Techniques for Eliminating Muscle Tension The most suitable massage technique for reducing muscle tension is deep tissue massage. It is a therapeutic massage technique focused on the realignment of muscle layers and fascia. Being a localized massage, it specifically acts on toning and relaxing the muscles. Thus, it contributes to reducing localized muscle and joint pain. By exerting a “rolling” effect, this massage unties muscles, acts on “trigger points,” which will allow you to move normally again and regain lost well-being.

Nevertheless, there are other massage techniques that can act on reducing muscle tension, such as: Swedish massage, sports massage, Californian massage, specialized massage for expectant mothers, and workplace massage. All these massage techniques are available for you at Massaya.

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