Therapeutic Massage

When making your reservation, you will have the choice between 2 main categories: relaxation massage and therapeutic massage.

The therapeutic massage can be integrated into a relaxation massage, thus making it possible to work on tense, painful areas while relaxing. When there are areas with tension, targeted pain; the therapist, with the help of massage and specific maneuvers, gives it a more sustained emphasis. Unlike the relaxation massage, areas will be targeted and worked more vigorously in order to soften the muscle fibers, promote blood supply to the area in order to dislodge, drain and replenish the targeted muscles.

The important thing to know is that as soon as we receive a massage, the effects are very beneficial, whether it is a relaxing or therapeutic massage. The benefits of massage therapy are far more numerous than one might imagine. A massage has an impact on stress reduction, improving sleep, promotes blood circulation and thus, helps eliminate toxins and strengthens the immune system by stimulating lymph movement.