Why Massaya

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Make yourself known

You can expand your customer base while working. No need to spend unpaid hours doing promotion. We work hard to keep bringing new customers and making the service and platform better each day.

No more lost time

Receive massages whenever you want. It can be multiple bookings per week or just 1 per week. You can also take breaks whenever you want! You are your own boss.

Increase your income

Make your passion a successful business! Massaya offers the best massage income in the industry. For one hour of massage the income is minimum 65$ plus the tip. We also pay the parking fee and cover travel time expenses.

Your security is our priority!

We make sure to provide our brand with quality marketing and make sure all the clients know that our massage therapy is purely professional. We also keep a list of unwanted clients.

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We pay operating costs

We cover the costs of payments, appointment software and marketing. You will be able to concentrate on the most important, the massage.

You have experience, a passion for well-being, high quality of work and you want to earn more money? You will love working with Massaya.

Got questions?

Frequently asked questions

Massaya’s clients typically book directly on our website.

They are able to choose the massage therapist they prefer based on your description and training. 

You only have to manage the calendar app to update your availabilities. When you get a new booking you receive SMS updates and get all the information in a newly created event in your calendar. It’s that easy!

Massaya gives the massage therapists the opportunity to work whenever they want with a better remuneration by massage while reducing their operating costs.

We do all the marketing, management, payment costs, platform costs, answer to calls from 8h to 22h and way more. We are a team of specialists and we take at heart your satisfaction.

By receiving an Interac e-transfer each week.

The minimum you can earn in a 1 hour massage is 65$ but very often our clients give tips.

Yes! You can give the hours you want to work at a time that suits you. With Massaya, there is no obligation.

Yes. Many of our clients request an insurance receipt.

Any questions?

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